Our primary function is to create and support online software applications for payroll and HR companies. Through these applications, we’re dedicated to providing all services related to disbursements of payroll checks, tax administration and critical reporting functions that allow
managers to disseminate their financial status.

Payroll Technologies is  focused on developing and supporting the following online systems:

  • Online Paystubs:  a secure, easy-to-use, web-based system that helps employees view and print their paystubs and W-2 forms using their computer, tablet or mobile device. Employers can also see their employee list and quickly generate payroll summary reports.
  • Payroll Processing System: a complex online system that organizes employee data, processes payrolls, submits direct deposits, prints checks, generates management reports and performs analytics.
  • Tax Module: helps generate and file with IRS quarterly payroll forms (941s) and submit tax payments.
  • Time and Attendance System: an online clock-in, clock-out system that tracks employee time and records time sheets online.
  • HR System: online solution for managing employee data including recruiting, employment, evaluation, filing forms and benefits management.
  • Health Benefits System: an online-based application that calculates health benefit payments and manages their distribution among involved parties.

Whether you represent a small, medium, or large business, all these systems create one integrated payroll system that meets your needs.